Business Opportunities

Western countries commenced electrification in earnest in the 1940s and continued to expand electric load growth until the 1980s. Since then there has been a focus by Utilities on maintaining and prolonging the life of their current assets. One of their most significant assets is the power distribution network.

Much of this network relies on wooden poles that commonly have a useful life of 40 to 50 years. As a result, a large portion of Utility pole plant has already reached, or is nearing, the end of its original life expectancy.

Utilities acknowledge that a modest increase in service life can cause a major improvement in their bottom line. Modest management improvements can also produce significant capital expenditure benefits.

Powerbeam can economically convert a pole that is at the end of its life to a new composite pole with double the original life expectancy.

The Powerbeam technology is not a pole repair system. It is a pole reinstatement system.

License opportunities

Business Development opportunities exist to exploit, via Technology Licensing, a method of extending the life of utility and telecommunication poles.

The marketing rights and/or distribution rights are available to those Corporations searching for an additional business development strategy, in world-wide markets.

There is an opportunity to enhance an existing suite of products, or develop a new business or business division, with the international, national or regional marketing rights for this proven, patented technology.

Powerbeam will double the life of power poles for a third of the cost.

A two man crew can complete a typical pole reinstatement in 20 to 30 minutes without any interruption to the power supply. This a fraction of the time and cost it takes to replace a pole.

Technology opportunity

This Technology Licensing, Business Development opportunity, involves the reinstatement of existing, deteriorating wood utility, power and telecommunication poles.

Using a patented and proven power pole reinstatement system instead of replacing poles, Utilities can double the original useful life for already installed but deteriorated utility power poles, saving millions of Utility dollars each year. As an example, one utility saves over $1m per month by using the Powerbeam System.

In a world of ever-increasing competition, the Powerbeam Power Pole Reinstatement System has been developed with proven success over many years.

World-wide Patents, Registered Design and Copyright have been granted to Power Beam Pty Ltd.

The available to Corporations who wish to avail themselves of a License to exploit the Powerbeam Intellectual Property.

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Laboratory tests

Laboratory tests have proved that this patented Powerbeam Technology can be used to reinstate up to 75% of all wooden Utility Power Poles, compared with just 20% using existing technology. This can help you to not only facilitate increased Business Development performance and grow your business by ownership through Licensed Technology, joint venture and franchising, but also by joining the family of License holders throughout the world.

University Engineering and Design Modelling

The patented Powerbeam Sytem has undergone extensive University modelling, together with empirical testing in the field

Expressions of Interest in business development opportunities

Expressions of interest in Business Development and International, National and Regional Licensing opportunities are invited from Service, Technology and Manufacturing Corporations associated with the Utility Industry, to develop their own businesses by enlarging and enhancing their own suite of products and services.

Typical business plan, manufacturing and installation costs are available.

Experience plus technical expertise enhances business development opportunities

With twenty-two years experience (we started in 1982) in the electric utility industry internationally, our suite of State of the Art Products for power pole maintenance and life extension properties, including power line construction, installation, pole inspection and treatment, power pole reinstatement and electrical components, is a valued technology resource as a value added design partner in Business Development.

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