Proven track record, used by utility companies for over 30 years


4 Sizes to Suit Every Application




What is Powerbeam?

Power Pole Reinstatement System

The Powerbeam system is an advanced Utility Pole reinstatement technology, incorporating a range of vertical beams and connectors, and when installed form a new composite pole. This technology is separate and substantially different from other systems and protected by intellectual property, copyright and registered design. Powerbeam Pole Nails are an economically and environmentally responsible utility pole re-instatement solution. Powerbeam is designed, manufactured, galvanized and tested, in Australia by a wholly owned Australian company


Why Use Powerbeam?

Powerbeam is a unique pole reinstatement system. Globally, millions of wooden utility poles need attention each year. It is usual for deterioration of wooden utility poles to occur first at ground level and for the weakened section to be generally short in length. This is caused by moisture and fungal rot.

Although replacement of the pole has been the traditional option. a more cost efficient and environmentally friendly option is now available… Powerbeam.

Due to the high cost of replacing poles and the inconvenience of interruption to supply, a number of alternative systems and treatments have been developed.

All of these treatments prior to Powerbeam have experienced limitations.

The Powerbeam Advantage

  Proven track record, used by utility companies for over 30 years

  Our systems are installed in locations which have been battered by category 5 cyclones, and Powerbeam has stood strong

  Over 100,000 Powerbeam’s in use all over Australia

  Available in 4 Sizes to suit all applications

   Engineered and tested to meet AS/NZ 7000:2010 

  The most economical method to re-instate an aging utility pole

   Simple to install, up to 30 a day is possible with one team and a machine